Welcome to Fit4Taal !

I am Lina Téllez, Managing Director at Fit4Taal. I live in the Netherlands with my husband and 3 children.

Full of OPTIMISM , I settled in my new country as a well-trained engineer with a lot of work experience. I was convinced that with hard work and study, I would quickly master the language and thus be able to take the step towards a good job.

The REALITY is that the combination of learning Dutch, the transition to a new country and getting used to a completely different culture cost me a lot of effort. The fact that you are going through all this FAR FAR FROM YOUR COUNTRY AND FAMILY creates frustration, loneliness and demotivation to really integrate. Yet mastering the language is essential and the first step towards INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM in the Netherlands!

As time went on I found out that there are many Spanish speakers in Europe going through the exact same process as me. There are plenty of courses and training, but they are generic and not at all aimed at someone like me with a Spanish or Latin American background. In particular, the focus is on the MUST learn the language in connection with civic integration and integration.

Our approach at Fit4Taal is based on respect, care and love for learning a new language. The classes are INNOVATIVE, STRESS-FREE and above all FUN .

I am convinced that with thousands of Spanish speaking new Dutch people we can make an incredibly POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION in ALL SECTORS of Dutch society. Whether you start working in Technology, Industry or as an entrepreneur, life becomes infinitely easier if you speak the Dutch language well. Many mothers/housewives also want to get rid of the shame of always having to ask their children what something means.

Fit4Taal is there for ALL OF YOU!!!

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My name is Fabio Garcia. I am a Dutch-Spanish with roots in both countries and, since I returned to Holland a few years ago, I have dedicated myself to helping other Spanish speakers with learning Dutch. I love teaching, especially because I ENJOY helping others understand something, in this case a language that is often misunderstood, its complexity overrated, and its beauty overlooked. In addition, Fit4Taal is a very special way of teaching and learning, thanks to its collegial dynamics, interaction and simultaneous emphasis on all the fundamental aspects of the language, from grammar to phonetics, always, always in a way. There is no greater pleasure than seeing how a student in a few weeks goes from a certain insecurity to expressing himself with SO MUCH CONFIDENCE AND ABILITY in speaking Dutch. Therefore, I hope to SEE YOU soon!


Hello everyone!

My name is Steven Mons and I am Dutch. Current I teach GRAMATICA and Fit4Taal, a great organization with very friendly teachers and students. I have been teaching Latinos my mother tongue for more than five years, and I LOVE IT!

Come and become a member of the Fit4Taal family.

A hug!


Hi, I'm Jan-Albert, director of our phonetic Fit4Taal program. I have been a part of the family from the beginning and I am extremely proud of our students and their accomplishments. I have lived in many countries in my life and I know how difficult it is to integrate into a new culture. At Fit4Taal we facilitate this process in a HAPPY, SOCIAL AND REAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. With all the pleasure I receive you in our classes and help you in your Integration process to Holland.

Hi, my name is Flore. I am Dutch and am currently studying Linguistics in Amsterdam. I love to teach Dutch since it feels amazing to help people become more confident in using a language. Besides, because of my field of interest, I enjoy learning more about language learning in general. I am very glad to work at Fit4taal because of the team and the great ambiance of the company!

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Hello everyone! I am Chiel Pauw, I live and work in Amsterdam. I work as a Phonetic and Fit4taal Coach, my father was a teacher and I have inherited the pleasure of teaching !! I am very happy teaching the Spanish-speaking community, because I feel in a family, I love teaching the sounds of Dutch to the students and at the same time seeing how they progress day by day with the language.


Hello everybody! I am Valentina, proudly Colombian. I have gone through the arduous but rewarding process of learning Dutch. And THE FAMILY Fit4Language is in charge of discovering new methods to teach Dutch in a more fun way. I LOVE seeing our students enjoy our classes and show real progress.
Hope to see you soon in the Fit4Taal family!

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Hello everyone, my name is Ana. I am Chilean, but I grew up in Holland. At the moment, I am studying urban planning and I am a teacher at Fit4Taal. I love my job, especially because of the team that works hard at Fit4taal; they are like a family to me. His vision and goal I fully share.
Fit4Taal is an innovative and fun way for Spanish speakers to learn and improve their Dutch. I really like being part of this process and sharing my own experience with my students.